2022 Health Awareness Months, Weeks & Days

by Miya Nourie

If you’re looking for 2022’s national awareness months and days for all things healthcare, this is going to be your holy grail – the most diverse health calendar available.

As experts in healthcare marketing, we fully appreciate the regulatory challenges our clients face. And as a strategist specializing in content at Ogilvy Health, I thoroughly appreciate the regulatory and digital challenges of healthcare marketing.

It’s tough, and we get it.

As a result, we must figure out how to communicate the brand promise through topics that are allowed and through the proper channels.

In most cases, when we’re putting together an editorial calendar or social strategy for clients, we recommend sprinkling in stories related to healthcare holidays and observances. However, once Twitter stopped creating its Healthcare Holidays Calendar a few years ago, we knew we needed to step up to the plate.

We have created a comprehensive calendar for the healthcare industry that lists all potential holidays and awareness dates around which agencies, or their clients, may want to launch a campaign. Access the full calendar here:


If you’re an Ogilvy Health client, be sure to ask your account team for a personalized calendar, and we will craft this document to fit your needs!