Emerging Impact Video Series

by Staff Writer

In our new Emerging Impact video series, we sit down with Ogilvy Health leaders to hear their thoughts on the current state of healthcare marketing and gain insights into some things all marketers should be aware of as we look to the future.

Did you know that the suicide rate among physicians is twice that of the general population, and doctors have the highest suicide rate among any profession? It’s projected that by 2032, there will be a shortage of about 124,000 physicians changing the future of health as we know it. Our Global CEO, Kim Johnson, discusses her perspective on these staggering statistics and shares why today’s physicians are not okay.

How can we yield healthier outcomes when it comes to disseminating information to our target audiences? The answer — behavioral science. Today, knowing your audience’s demographics isn’t enough. Ogilvy’s Christopher Graves, Founder & President of the Ogilvy Center for Behavioral Science, explains how a good marketer needs to figure out the real WHY of human behavior and learn how individuals are wired – something which may not be as obvious as you would think.

Women make up 60% of America’s workforce and as consumers, they make more than 80% of health care decisions – for themselves as well as for their partners, children, and aging parents. EVP at OH, Monique LaRocque, shares the progress that’s been made in women’s reproductive rights and how much further we need to go to make a monumental impact across the country.

Stay tuned for more editions of our video series!