#Everydaymatters: Pediatric Cancer Awareness

by Staff Writer

When most people think back on their childhood memories, frequent hospital visits, medications, and surgeries aren’t exactly what come to mind. Yet, each year, at least 300,000 children and teens worldwide are diagnosed with cancer, including approximately 43 children each day in the United States alone.

And as these young patients manage the tremendous stress on their bodies that comes with trying to fight off their disease, it’s incredibly important that they (and their support networks) maintain a positive attitude and keep their spirits high.

Earlier this year, Ogilvy Health started the #EveryDayMatters initiative, through which we strive to embody the mission of World Cancer Day through improved awareness, education, and action all year long around the topic of cancer.

During September, in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we will share a series of Childhood Cancer eCards that our team developed to increase awareness of children and families fighting cancer.

We’ll be releasing a new eCard on our social channels daily as the month comes to a close and urge everyone to re-post or share these messages with your families, friends, or patients who could use the support. The cards will vary slightly to target different age groups and will focus on the patient’s superpowered ability to fight. In developing this leg of our #EveryDayMatters initiative, we hope to put a smile on at least one young patient’s face as they continue their fight against childhood cancer. 

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