Featured Client Work: CYCLE Kids

by Staff Writer

Approximately 1 out of 12 kids today does not know how to ride a bike. And more than 1 in 5 parents say there is no safe place for their kids to ride. Given the lack of safety and preference among kids — and their parents — for indoor activities these days, many don’t even recognize that knowing how to ride a bike can be a particularly important skill. As a result, a great number of kids are missing out on one of the most important rites of passages of their youth – the singular moment that helps foster the belief in young kids that they can do “hard things” in life.  

cyclekids.org is committed to working with schools to ensure the basic rights of children to a physically and emotionally health start in life.

CYCLE Kids is a great organization that was in search of a multi-year sponsorship with a company to support its mission of providing bikes to kids who can’t afford them and to help ensure they can rid them safely. To inspire a company to donate, they had to clearly articulate why bike riding is so important to advancing the development of kids.  

We sought to inspire potential donors by helping them see that to a kid, a bike is not just a bike – it’s the first taste of their own independence, personal potential and self-confidence in life. Our aim was to communicate that if we can “Get them riding, we can keep them rising.” 

Using stunning photography and simple but striking messages designed to evoke nostalgic feelings in potential likely donors, we were able to take donors back to that moment of unbridled freedom and sense of self-confidence in their own personal lives. The moment when they first felt “I can do anything.”  

The intended takeaway being: “If I can ride a bike, I can do anything.” 

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