Featured Client Work: Four Paws “Pets of War”

by Staff Writer

An estimated 1.2 million dogs have been orphaned in Ukraine due to the ongoing war conflict. These dogs need shelter, food and medical attention. People all over the world want to lend a hand, but they don’t know how.   

Our goal was to turn empathy into action — to give people the means to support orphaned dogs in Ukraine, from anywhere around the world.    

By developing a core visual that illustrates a helping hand extended to a dog in Ukraine, we telegraphed the idea that anyone, anywhere can help pets orphaned by war. We partnered with FOUR PAWS in an campaign aimed at gathering donations to send veterinarians, food, water, and medical supplies to shelters in Ukraine.  

Your reach is bigger than you think. Your help can save over 1.2M dogs in the Ukraine. Donate. petsofwar.org.