A Conversation with ChatGPT about Curiosity

by Justin Gitterman

As soon as I got invited to join the OH Inspiration podcast, I knew I had to confront one of the things I am most curious about and inspired by. AI.

For those unfamiliar with the format, there is usually a brief conversational intro before Bryan dives into the same four questions he asks all of his guests. 

  1. What is your earliest recognition of being curious—What was the time/place/event, and how did that moment lead you to where you are here and now?
  2. What inspires you (books, street art, inventions, etc)?
  3. Who inspires you (an author, artist, parent, historical or contemporary figure)?
  4. What is a strange hobby you have or an adventure that you would like to go on?

I’ve been using AI practically every day (for personal use) since I got access to ChatGPT 4. I have an array of running prompts, my favorite being “Teach me something new.” In this thread, I have the AI choose a random topic, analyze it, then give me a short breakdown and a fun fact.

It satisfies my curiosity, which you can learn the backstory of by listening to the podcast.

All also try to create an image per day with the Dall-E GPT. Anything from wildly ridiculous concoctions like menacing guinea pigs sitting on a stormy beach smoking pipes while plotting to take over the world — to the most majestic horse ever and an epic dinosaur scene to print out and gift as presents to my kid siblings.

Seeing something in my head manifest in minutes (if not seconds) is astounding, awesome, amazing, and inspiring.*

Which brings me back to the first sentence of this post. Knowing that I would share that AI is inspiring me, I asked ChatGPT, “What can you tell me about curiosity?” The following is the response and the rest of the conversation we had.

*No, I don’t think AI is coming for our jobs anytime soon, but I do think it can be a great ally in making our jobs easier and more efficient if you’re willing to learn from and embrace it.

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