Ogilvy On—Health on Her Terms…At Every Life Stage

by Staff Writer

For centuries and around the world, women have been excluded from many consequential decisions in medicine. This has led to diseases being missed, misdiagnoses, and mistreatment. It has also resulted in women being portrayed as abnormally anxious about their health. Despite this, more women are taking control of their health and wellbeing with the goal to take care of themselves, protect their minds and bodies, and thrive.

To help women and people who identify as women truly take charge of their health, they must see themselves reflected accurately and honestly. While progress has been made in how women are represented in media in advertising, health communications to and for women remain behind.

“Ogilvy On: Health on Her Terms … At Every Life Stage”, is an in-depth discussion on how brands can effectively communicate to women about their health and wellbeing. Our own Monique LaRocque, Executive Vice President, Ogilvy Health PR, is joined by WPP Chief Client Officer for Health & Wellness, Wendy Lund, who unpacks the findings of the recent Health On Her Terms study conducted by Health @ WPP in partnership with SeeHER, as well as Christine Guilfoyle, CEO of SeeHER, and Erika Janes, Executive Editor, SHE Media. Together, they present avenues for brands to ensure their communications are representative of women through every life stage.