Patient-Centric Marketing: Leveraging empathy and data to improve care

by Staff Writer

Our colleagues in Asia have just released Ogilvy Health’s newest whitepaper, “Patient-Centric Marketing: Leveraging empathy and data to improve care.” This is in collaboration with Verticurl, Oracle and APACMed and illustrates the influence of digital healthcare services on patient-centric marketing and how the healthcare industry can leverage empathy, technology and data to deliver better care and engage with patients directly. 

Many patients have shifted their care journey online: it is estimated that 50% of patients will use digital health tools and about 91% of consumers would use digital health services if the costs were covered by an employer or insurance provider, creating huge potential to tap into data to improve care. As a result, more digital disruptors succeed in healthcare, better service experiences are offered, and patient expectations of healthcare are on the rise. 

Our paper explores how patient-centric digital engagements can improve many aspects of the brand experience and why the high potential impact of marketing to consumers needs to be re-evaluated and consider market needs, starting with the patient and looking beyond the healthcare professional.

Please download the whitepaper here.