Science With Soul

by Staff Writer

Our Ogilvy Health and Ogilvy PR colleagues in Australia have been studying the ongoing effects COVID-19 has had on the healthcare industry. Through their research, the team uncovered that during this unprecedented time of global emergency, the gap between diagnosis and undetected illness has only widened over time, and healthcare workers are now playing catch up to try and save their patients before it is too late. Science with Soul, explores how healthcare is becoming more empathetic in a bold era of disruptive innovation. It examines some of the latest technologies poised to change the sector forever, including innovations in the categories gene editing and even robot caregivers, among many others. These new technologies are not just improving outcomes, but they are giving patients more power, more insight, and more say over their treatment. The successful healthcare companies of the future will need to deliver not just the science, but also the soul.

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